Dallas Loves Flavour Nabania

July 13, 2018


Big A Entertainment has always been known for doing big things within the African Music Industry in diaspora. The media mogul would feature upcoming fresh minds and world-known award-winning artists from the east to the west, the north to the south  of Africa crossing boundaries with music.


June 30, 2018 was a shutdown in Dallas, TX, as Big A Entertainment presented Flavour and his band, live in Dallas. The monumental event took place at the Swayz Ballroom. 




The show attracted hundreds of people from all around Dallas metroplex and beyond: both old and young, children and grandparents were present. The event was led by highly esteemed MC, Okwa Kelz, and featured lots of side attractions: performances, such as Onye Mmemme, Lasgiidi, Momo & Yayo and many more, captivated the audience. The show was proudly sponsored by PingExpress and Axxess; the coverage was provided by Victory Media Pro.