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Watch TakaibyAngela Good Deed Makeover Vol 4 - A Transforming Testimony

Takaibyangela is a US based retail and bulk purchase online store that offers exciting, beautifully designed and excellent quality fashion products. TakaibyAngela delight to give their customers a combination of fun, style and class because all their products are timeless, trendy and elegant. TakaibyAngela is highly known for its signature Jewelry that are non-tarnishing, Nickel free, durable and affordable, made from 100% Swarovski Crystals comes in Jewelry sets, Earrings, Anklets, Bracelets and Cocktail.

TakaibyAngela Good Deed Makeover is a charitable arms that reach out to that one person in the community that has gone through or going through life patches, pampering and giving them hope and monetry gift.

Enjoy this 4th Edition, Watch Cousia testify of her repeated sex abuse bondage by her Dad... its a 30min show, SIT BACK AND BE INSPIRED!

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