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The house was packed with beautiful people from all over. Many came to see The After Party of the sold-out event that has got the whole city of Dallas buzzing on August 11, 2017.

Powered by Nukesound Recording, Marketing & Development LLC (NRMD). Jidenna arrived at Club Illume located at 1015 Elm St., Dallas, TX, with his entourage looking stunning like the classic man he is. As the crowd began to realize that Jidenna was in the house, the buzz was uncontrollable with the ladies swarming the VIP section to greet him and take pictures. Jidenna started out by greeting the crowd and appreciating the beauty of the different cultures represented in the building. He specifically mentioned those in trads like kaftans and Ankara, the latter being one of his favorite styles. He even joked about the fact that he heard how people dress in Dallas and had to step up his game. He gave a very special shout-out to Africans in the building taking us back to the time when it was not so cool to be African. He said, "We were called African booty scratchers, and now everyone wants to be US." Jidenna added, "It's finally cool to be an African.”

He got the party started with one of his top hits "Little bit more." Then, treated the crowd to a favorite, his #1 hit "Classic man"; the place went completely wild in response! Jidenna kept grooving with the crowd, serenading the ladies and making them melt at the sound of his voice. He closed the night with the very romantic and sweet "Bambi” encouraging everyone to love and be loved like the couples vibing as he sang. As he made his way back to the VIP section after the concert, he let his personality really show by taking silly face pictures with the crowd: he was quite generous with pictures hugs. The show was an absolute success. We look forward to seeing Jidenna in Dallas again.

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