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  • Photo and Video: Emmanuel Ogiozee / Repoter: Olena

NAFB Awards 2016 Houston TX

This Houston Hilton was booming on April 30, 2016. Booming with color vibrancy, joyful celebration and cultural pride. Yes, Nigerians were proudly celebrating the uniqueness of their culture at 9th Annual Nigerian Arts, Fashion & Beauty (NAFB) Awards. Here, everyone had to wear the elaborate national attire with the matching headscarf, crown or hat. If you came without one, you were politely asked to purchase one from the vendors positioned outside the hall and come back wearing it. “This event is like no other,” explained a guest gowned in Ibo chief attire, “There are not many events nowadays where we have to wear our national dress that is why NAFB is so important: it celebrates us, Nigerians.” Indeed Nigerian beauty models, music artists, medical humanitarians and fashion designers from different parts of the United States Diaspora were present and awarded at this event. NAFB was the place to be, to remember and to celebrate Nigeria.Victory Media Pro covered the event, Enjoy!