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Ndolo and the Senator Movie Premiere, Houston TX

Ndolo and the Senator premiered on January 31, 2016, at AMC Studio 30, Houston, TX. The support shown to the movie was overwhelming! Lots of Nollywood and Callywood Stars traveled from different States to attend. Notable producers, directors, actresses, actors, and other VIPs such as Don Okolo, Kang Quintus, Kelechi Eke, Kizzy Uzoma, Chris Onyeka Aflix , Claudio Oben, Stella Icon, Merlisa Determined, Kelly Azia, Mimi Zar Zar, Terence Limona, Actress Mairo, Carl Payne, Sunnyfield Okezie, Edith Pikwa, Christopher Okonkwo, Stanley Chinedu, Papa Gee... and many more, were spotted at the event. The theater was filled up to the max: not a single seat left. Some guests had to watch the movie standing up. Despite some technical issues, that could discourage people from watching, fans waited to see Ndolo and the Senator to the very end. Interviews with some guests after the show proved that the film’s storyline touches on relevant issues that need improvement in African community and government...One word, A night of Glam.

ABOUT THE MOVIE: When the young Ndollo schemes her way into the confidence of a visiting Cameroonian Senator, her intentions are not pure. She has a secret plan to defraud him of embezzled money in order to send it back to the people it was stolen from. But the lines between right and wrong will soon blur and the drama that will emerge will be called Ndollo and the Senator.

Produced by Mbango Adambi, Directed by Gordon Che Starring: Mbango Adambi, Kelechi Eke, Frank Artus, Sunnyfield Okezie, Jasmine Roland, Eko Leonel, Edith Pikwa, Ruth Taku, Bareh Mildred, Samson Tarh, Beatrice Nwana

Red Carpet Host: Olena Ogiozee and Crystal Bbeauty